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The Alpinia botanical gardens [10 minutes by car from Stresa] can be found on the hillside of Stresa. There is a natural balcony that extends for about 40.000 square meters. The gardens offer an incredible view of Lake Maggiore, over the Borromeo Islands and the surrounding Alps. 
The peculiarity of the Alpinia gardens is thousands of different species that come from the alpine and sub-alpine plain of the Alps.

The hermitage of Santa Caterina del Sasso is located in the municipality of Leggiuno.
The hermitage, a monastic complex dating back to the 13th century, clings to a rock sheer to one of the deepest points of Verbano.
Art and history are perfectly mingled in this charming natural scenario, similar to a balcony overlooking the Borromee islands.

The Castle of Angera is considered one of the most important of the Verbano area and is located on a hill above the small city of Angera.
It was built in the medieval period and its typical 13th – 14th century defensive features can still be admired. The Justice room is also worth a visit. This large room is characterised by an important series of frescoes devoted to the signs of the zodiac.
The Museum of dolls and the archaeological museum, with finds coming from the area of Angera and dating back to the period from the Mesolithic to the Roman time, both located in the castle, can be visited from March to October.

Orta San Giulio island is located about 400 m from the shore. Most of its surface is covered by the Seminary, built in 1844 on the ruins of the ancient castle tower.
St. Julius’ Basilica is worth a visit. It is open every day from 09.30 a.m. (11.00 a.m. on Mondays) to 12.15 and from 02.00 p.m. to 05.45 p.m. (06.45 in summer time).


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